Fluid Intake Tracker
Want to Customize?
The FIT Clip is a tradeshow favorite. If you need a cool device to hand out with your company logo, and you want your customer to remember your business name . . . why not give them a FIT Clip that could be used everyday? They will remember who gave it to them. It won't just go in a drawer . . . they will use it. This is great for health fairs, wellness events, product promotions, employee givaways, and fitness events.

Imagine your company giving your customers a promotional item that will be used for years to come. It's made with a quality grade expandible plastic, and is dish washer safe. If your going to buy anything to help promote your company . . . give them something they will use everyday with your name on it!

GET your FIT Clips for your next Tradeshow event.


Help Fight Breast Cancer
When you buy any PINK "Counting for the Cure" FIT Clip, a percentage of sales goes to the Susan G Komen Foundation to support the fight against breast cancer.
How to Buy

It's easy!

Pick a color, quantity, 3 or 5 Color Package through PAYPAL now. Share them with your family and friends for a better HYDR8TION NATION! Start keeping track of your WATER INTAKE today!

Now Apps or Battery Charger needed.