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F.I.T. Clip™

Have trouble keeping track of how much water you chug each day? The FIT Clip is a cool lightweight device that attaches to any standard water bottle (9 oz – 16 oz) or eco friendly container (300ml-700ml, 3"-3.5" diameter).

Once the tracker is attached, simply fill up your container and drink up. When you're finished click the notch down to the next number. It's that easy. Clip on, fill up, move notch, drink up, reach eight, feel great! Let's keep it simple. No apps or chargers needed.

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The Surgeon General, doctors, nutritionist, and health experts recommend we drink at least 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water a day, and more depending on your body weight. Whether you're dieting, working out, or just want to keep track of your water intake, the FIT Clip is a great product to help help remind you to do so daily. Drink Eight . . . Feel Great!

Buy them in the PINK and a percentage of the sale goes to support the fight against breast cancer!

Note: If you have any concerns regarding your exact water intake, please consult a health professional or physician.